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Reviews of RootsRockSociety

“Roots Rock Society had the difficult job of warming up a tired, wet audience. By the end of the set, people were finally on their feet.” – Lori Drafahl, Review from Earth, Wind and Fire concert, Des Moines Register

“…enough genuine heart and passion…” – Rich Milne, WXRT, Chicago’s Finest Rock

“…preserving the heritage and culture of the African diaspora”. – Mary Houlihan, Chicago Sun-Times

“…one of a kind sound…” – Earl Calloway, Chicago Defender

“Best Reggae CD” for 2002 – Chicago Music Awards

“…an appealing sound built around pleasant vocals and original material…” – Chuck Foster, The Beat

“Critically praised for their live shows and studio efforts, has led RRS to international acclaim.” – Peoria, IL, Scene’Zine

“Once upon a time, reggae music was played to heal, soothe and raise consciousness. A few bands continue to do this and the most notable is RRS.” – Rosalind Cummings-Yeates, Illinois Entertainer

“Entertainer of the Year for 2003” – 2004 Chicago Music Awards

"...has a strong commitment to professionalism..." - Dubuque River Stages

“RRS combines their heritage, a positive attitude, a tireless work ethic, with a truly good sound.” – Pointblank-DM

"They liven up themselves - and crowds" - Mundelein Review

"Your involvement throughout the season enhanced the overall ballpark experience." - Chicago White Sox

"...have taken their musical skills to the next level." - Holland Sentinel

"...has demonstrated a drive to create music that is nothing short of remarkable." - S.I.U. Nightlife

“The mesmerizing rhythms transcend language.”
                        -Scott Irwin, Wilmington NC Morningstar
“A consistent theme woven throughout their music is one of love,
Peace, harmony and community.”
                        -The Rockford Register Star
“There’s a strong visual and locomotive aspect to their live show”
                        -Paul Wood, News Gazette
“This world beat affair had ‘em joking on the dancefloor with its
Easy and inviting power”
                        -Steve McGuire, Austin Chronicle
“Dishing reggae and calypso, the Chicago quartet has parlayed
African and Caribbean sounds into critical acclaim.”
                        -Post Tribune
“Roots Rock Society displays a high level of musicianship as well
as showmanship.”
                        -The Rock River Times
“Roots Rock Society feels affirmed by the critics acclaim and the
Airplay they have garnered.”
“…holds it down for Chicago music…”
                        -Rolling Out Magazine
“…breaks down barriers…helps keep reggae alive.”
                        -Billboard Book, Roots, Rock Reggae
“The instruments, the lyrics and the beats of the music are fun to
listen to and make for a pleasing musical experience.”
                        -Western Courier
“…Roots Rock Society has been enjoying wider recognition, including
many award nominations…”
J’aime Haiti is one of the most lively instrumental numbers in years…”
                        -Tower Pulse
“…known for its broad and innovative repertoire…”
                        - Chicago Tribune
“There’s a spiritual link to their music…”
                        - Quad City Times


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