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RootsRockSociety Gallery

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Stann/Sister Jahkiya at 2008
Chicago Music Awards
At Galilee Baptist Church
Kalamazoo MI

Stann with Recording Academy
Executive Director Tera Siwicki
at DuSable Museum

Stann with Mutabaruka at
International Music Awards, NYC

Sister Jahkiya with Gary Hines
of Sounds of Blackness

Stann with Spike Lee
in Barcelona, Spain

Stann as Principal for a Day at
Fulton Public School in Chicago

Stann entertains young fans
in Michigan
Junior Brown
Stann with American Music
Icon Junior Brown
Mayor Daley
RRS Members with Chicago
Mayor Richard Daley
Leslie West
Stann and Leslie West of
Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes on Congas
with Youthman
Stars of Africa
Stann with LoKassa & N'Goma
from Soukous Stars of Africa
Stann in Haiti with Theodore
of Boukman Ekperians
Head Start
Stann with the little crew at
Easter Seals Head Start
Verdine White
RRS Members with Verdine
White of Earth, Wind & Fire
Roger Ebert
Stann with Roger Ebert
CBS Morning News
RRS Members with CBS Morning
News Anchors and
Director Ron Vasser

With Circle House engineer James Wisner and assistant Ben Diehl
CampChamp at St Stephen's Lutheran Church

Jahkiya and Stann vocalize
at Circle House

A great spot! We'll miss it.

RRS Live at "Taste of Chicago"
25th Anniversary

Stann as "Human Get Well Card" at Swedish Covenant Hospital with VP Anthony Guaccio adn Nurse Mgr. Jackie Strzalka

Jahkiya and Stann with Reggae/World Beat Program DJs Empress and the King on
WKKC Chicago

Stann with Nick Colione on the
L.L. Cool J Show in Milwaukee

RRS on stage in Ann Arbor, Michigan University 3000 attended

RRS Concert in Carbondale, IL
5000 attended

Sister Jahkiya at Rosemont Theater

Stann performing with metal rockers "Agent Zero" on "Steve O Show" in Rockford, Illinois

A young fan in St. Paul, Minnesota

RRS live at the Frauenthal Theater
in Muskegon, Michigan

RRS autograph session

RRS members with Sam Ash Staff

Stann and J.Commander
presenting award to Sean Paul in NYC

Champs basketball Club Crew at Chicago's Chase Park

Presentation of Best Gospel/Spiritual Entertainer Award

Stann & Jahkiya with CFM Vice President Terryl Jares
At Circle House Studio with legendary
keyboard player Touter

Stann performing in Kingston, JA

Stann with Gypsy Fari outside Wild Hare after returning from Jamaica

With Mayor Daley at "Principal
for a Day" luncheon

Stann with drummer Pete Amaral with Junior Brown at Chicago Old Town School of Music
Budlong School
Stann at Budlong School
(Click for Slide show)
Carlean Davis
Stann with singer-songwriter Carlean Davis
at her home in Kingston, Jamaica
RRS live with Youssou N Dour in Chicago

Toronto's Reggae Cowboys rehearsing at
Champ's Studio in Chicago

Stann as Human Get Well Card

Principal for a day at Fulton CPS

Making their wedding special

with Entertainment Attorney Heather Nelson

Interviewed on camera by CLTV
Stann with co-producer David Axelbaum
RRS circa 1987
signing autographs at Earth, Wind and Fire Show
RRS at 2009 City of Joliet Xmas Parade
Stann with Japanese Rap Artist "Deprive"
RRS at West Des Moines Christian Church
Stann at NEIU Global Conference
Champion with NEIU Professors
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